About Luke Hollomon


Educational History

I have a Master's degree in physiology and biophysics from Georgetown University that I use to tutor the sciences and mathemathics.

Additionally, I majored in Political Philosophy at a premier liberal arts institution, the University of Dallas.


Work History

I've been a professional tutor for over 5 years now, tutoring math and the sciences. There's more information about what I tutor over on the subjects page. I started tutoring exam prep three years ago and specialize in the MCAT, ACT, SAT, and GRE.

I also work as a professional science teacher at a school in Arlington, Virginia. 


The easiest way is to head to the Contact / Schedule Page and fill out the contact form. After that, I'll call or send you an email to set up our sessions.

How to Start Working With Me


In a word: adaptable. I've been tutoring at multiple levels for a long time, so I have multiple strategies and techniques to use. Which one I choose is all up to the students. I work hard to get to know students and adapt my teaching style to their needs.

I see myself as a coach and guide through academic material. My biggest goal is to build students' love of the material by presenting it in interesting ways. I don't have a pre-packed approach for any students, as they all are engaged by different things, so I adapt to their needs. That way I'm the best possible teacher for each and every one of my students.

What is My Approach?

Personal Life

Outside of tutoring, I'm quite busy as well. I'm a cyclist and rock climber and my wife and I enjoy hiking and camping throughout the mid-Atlantic states.

I'm also kept quite busy by my puppy, who likes to try my patience every day. Occasionally though, we do have fun playing some frisbee and playing catch in the backyard.